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Riverland Birdkeepers Club was first formed in 1978 and has evolved
over the years as a branch of ‘The Aviculture Society of Australia’ to the
distinct club it is today, with a strong membership of 150+ members who
hold monthly meetings to discuss issues and activities that involve

Members range from those who have just a few birds through to members
who have hundreds of aviaries, but all members share one common
interest; the joy of keeping and breeding birds.

Club benefits include:
Meetings are scheduled the first Sunday each month; providing informative
presentations and social discussion with
afternoon tea and lunch or dinner
Meeting venues change monthly to ensure access to all
members across the Riverland and to showcase
breeder’s collections and aviary displays
*  Free access to sell at the annual bird sale organised
by the club in June each year
*  Access to order bulk seed at member prices bi-monthly
*  Quarterly magazine which provides informative articles on
Aviculture; Upcoming Events &
Member’s items For Sale, Swap or Wanted to Buy
*  Club Trips to affiliated clubs and interstate bird sales
*  AGM in February each year at the Cobby Club
New members always welcome


  Patron   Graham Matthews   85887169
  President    Allen McPhail   0413 581 902
  Vic President   Gary Fitzpatrick   85830175
  Secretary    Bronwyn Karner   0400 252 429
  Assistant Secretary   Lance Bartel   0427865497
  Treasurer   Warren Schwarz   85821119


The Secretary Riverland Bird Keepers Club inc

Box 1130  Loxton

S.A.   5333

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